McKenzie Johnston Winberry
McKenzie is the owner and head honcho of LittleDragonCthulhu.  She is a fantasy and sci-fi enthusiast, writer, editor, step-mother, wife, gamer, and much more.  JimmyZ of LittleBunnyCthulhu is her father, and Matthew Winberry is her husband. And yes, she does indeed have blue hair.

Melissa Quirin


Mel is a lover of all things high fantasy and YA-Lit. When she’s not procrastinating writing or dealing with college related things, she’s getting excited over villains and anti-heroes/anti-villains, who are almost always among her favorite characters in a work. Fascinated by the hero/villain dynamic, both as rivals and as romantic interests. Her favorite things to focus on in writing are world-building, mythology/folklore, and monsters & mythical creatures.

Matt Winberry
Matt is the husband of the head honcho of LittleDragonCthulu. Sometimes he likes to read, and play rpg’s, occasionally he likes to interact with other people, and very occasionally he likes to put words down about things. You won’t see a picture of him because – unlike his beautiful wife – he isn’t very photogenic.